Telling Time as an Everyday Use of Numbers (Phase I)

Hiroko Darnall, Thomas Dooley School, Schaumburg, IL


Program Background Unit Plan Lesson Plan Teaching the Lesson
Grade: First
Content Area: Math
Time Frame of Unit: Three 45-minute lessons
Language(s) of Lessons: Japanese
Unit Theme: Telling Time as an Everyday Use of Numbers (Phase I)


Standards to Be Addressed

Illinois Learning Standards for Math

Illinois Learning Standards for Language Arts


Guiding Questions


Big Ideas


Background/Prior Knowledge to be Activated in the Unit



Content Area Skills and Concepts


Language Skills



Oral and Written:


Teaching/Learning Activities





Informal assessment through observation, such as when students use their own clocks to show the time specified by the teacher to verify both oral comprehension and understanding of the content, and through asking students questions while they are engaged in activities. The teacher may also grade teacher-made activity sheets.