Library Curriculum: What Would a Wonderful Library Be Like?

Berky Lugo-Salcedo, The Cypress Hills Community School (PS 89), Brooklyn, NY


Program Background Unit Plan Lesson Plan Teaching the Lesson Sample Student Work
Grade: Second
Content Area: Library
Time Frame of Unit: One month
Language(s) of Lessons: Spanish and English (5-day cycle)
Unit Theme: Libraries as a Resource for Communities


Standards to Be Addressed

New York City Performance Standards for Applied Learning

New York City Performance Standards for English Language Arts

New York State Standards for Native Language Arts

New York State Standards for Foreign Language Learning


Guiding Questions


Big Ideas


Background/Prior Knowledge to be Activated in the Unit



Content Area Skills and Concepts


Language Skills


Teaching/Learning Activities





Formal assessment takes place through grading of the various products that students create during the unit (scavenger hunt worksheet, design of a book, poster for how to take care of books, and essay on their experiences in the public library). These products should be assessed for students’ understanding of the concepts as well as their proper use of vocabulary and incorporation of other language objectives.


Students are also informally assessed through teacher evaluation of content and language skills. Questions to be asked: