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4c. Is my oral proficiency at the Intermediate level?

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Intermediate-level speakers are able to create with language by recombining learned material to create new sentences. Their speech is generally understood by native speakers who are used to speaking with non-native speakers.

Tasks Ask, describe, direct, make plans
Topics Survival phrases, information about self
Quantity Sentences
Quality Combination of familiar language in reaction to questions

Listen to these Intermediate-level task responses. If you think your response would be similar in length (how much you say) and content (what you say), then your speaking abilities are at least at the Intermediate level.

Intermediate Sample Task

Imagine that Najma, an Algerian woman who is visiting your city for two weeks, asks you what interesting things there are to do and see in the area. After she asks her question, suggest some of the things she can do while in the area.

Novice High Performance

Rater Comments:

The listener needs to strain to follow. Sentences are not fully and accurately formed and contain inconsistencies.

Intermediate Low Performance

Rater Comments:

List of activities and places without any details to describe or explain why he is referring to them.

Intermediate Mid Performance

Rater Comments:

Sufficient information. Some inconsistencies in grammar that do not hinder the meaning.

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