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4b. Is my oral proficiency at the Novice level?

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Novice-level speakers are able to communicate minimally with learned and memorized material. Their speech may be difficult for native speakers to understand.


Tasks Count, greet, name, tell
Topics Basic objects, expressions of politeness
Quantity Words/phrases
Quality Memorized words and phrases

Listen to these Novice-level task responses. If you think your response would be similar in length (how much you say) and content (what you say), then your speaking abilities are at least at the Novice level.

Novice Sample Task

Imagine that you meet every week with Samira, your Arabic friend from Mauritania, to practice your Arabic. Today, Samira asks you to name the colors in Arabic. After you hear Samira's request, name in Arabic the colors you know.

Novice Low Performance

Rater Comments:

Incomprehensible words.

Novice Mid Performance

Rater Comments:

Exhibited several words with little difficulty in the pronunciation of certain letters and sounds.

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