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4e. Is my oral proficiency at the Superior level?

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Superior-level speakers are able to speak correctly and easily in many different settings. Though they may make mistakes here and there, they are able to use all major grammatical forms without systematic errors.


Tasks Defend, discuss, hypothesize, persuade
Topics Abstract and unfamiliar topics
Quantity Extended conversation
Quality Structured argument in organized talk

Listen to these Superior-level task responses. If you think your response would be similar in length (how much you say) and content (what you say), then your speaking abilities are at least at the Superior level.

Superior Sample Task

You are studying abroad in Damascus, Syria and are going to Aleppo, Syria on an excursion for exchange students. After having paid the organizer of the trip, Mr. Shalabi, you discover that the trip conflicts with the wedding of your host family's daughter. You ask Mr. Shalabi for a refund, but he does not agree to your request. After you hear Mr. Shalabi's refusal, convince him to refund your money.

Advanced High Performance

Rater Comments:

Repetition of يعني is excessive and the speech is not natural and smooth.

Superior Performance

Rater Comments:

The task is completed and supporting arguments are present, and the ideas are slightly beyond single paragraph level.

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