Directory of Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs in the U.S.

The Illinois Resource Center provided support for CAL’s nationwide two-way immersion (TWI) outreach and public relations efforts as part of a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education from 1991-2004. Part of these activities included the creation and updating of a two-way immersion directory.

To continue to make this directory available as a service to the field, CAL has enhanced, revamped, and rebranded the directory as the Dual Language Program Directory.

The Dual Language Program Directory is now available online.

The purpose of this searchable online directory is two-fold:

  • to capture and quantify the number and types of dual language programs currently implemented in the United States

  • to connect leaders of dual language programs from across the country and facilitate networking among and between them

The CAL Dual Language Program Directory houses data about PreK-12 dual language programs around the United States and is designed to make it easy to search, add, or update information about your dual language program.

In addition to enhanced functionality and improved usability, CAL has imported data from the archived Director of Two-Way Immersion programs in the U.S. and has also added data about dual language programs found in public records.

Visit the Dual Language Program Directory.