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This page lists books, reports, briefs, and other resources produced by CAL and CREDE researchers. For a list of publications from the CAL/CREDE Study of Two-Way Immersion, visit the publications page. For a comprehensive bibliography of research on Two-Way Immersion listed by subject, visit the Two-Way Bibliography page.



Realizing the Vision of Two-Way Immersion, by Elizabeth R. Howard & Julie Sugarman (2007). This book examines the role that the cultures of intellectualism, equity, and leadership play in the development of bilingualism and biliteracy in two-way immersion students, providing evidence from four exemplary programs. (Delta and CAL)

Bilingual Education, edited by Donna Christian & Fred Genesee (2001). This series of case studies demonstrates the linguistic, cultural, and academic contributions that bilingual approaches to education can make around the world and offers practical ideas for educators. (TESOL)

Dual Language Education, by Kathryn Lindholm-Leary (2001). Dual Language Education discusses the conceptual background and major implementation issues for dual language education, which combines language minority and language majority students for instruction through two languages. Research findings, in part from CREDE, summarize language proficiency and achievement outcomes from 8000 students at 20 schools, along with teacher and parent attitudes. (Multilingual Matters)

Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education, by Nancy Cloud, Fred Genesee, & Else Hamayan (2000). This book is a comprehensive professional resource guide for implementing, evaluating, administering, and maintaining dual language instruction programs. (Heinle & Heinle)

Profiles in Two-Way Immersion Education, by Donna Christian, Chris Montone, Kathryn Lindholm, & Isolda Carranza (1997). Profiles describes three programs' evolution, operation and results. (Delta)



Two-Way Immersion 101: Designing and Implementing a Two-Way Immersion Education Program at the Elementary Level, by Elizabeth R. Howard & Donna Christian (2003, CREDE EPR 9).

Program Alternatives for Linguistically Diverse Students, edited by Fred Genesee (1998, CREDE EPR 1).

La Educación Bilingüe de Inmersión Recíproca: el diseño y la implementación de un programa a nivel de primaria (Spanish version of CREDE Report EPR 9, Two-Way Immersion 101. Read it online.

CREDE Project 1.2 Two-Way Immersion Final Progress Report (2004, CREDE). Read it online.

The Development of Bilingualism and Biliteracy from Grade 3 to 5: A Summary of Findings from the CAL/CREDE Study of Two-Way Immersion Education, by Elizabeth R. Howard, Donna Christian, & Fred Genesee (2004, CREDE). Buy it from the CAL Store.

Trends in Two-Way Immersion Education: A Review of the Research, by Elizabeth R. Howard, Julie Sugarman & Donna Christian (2003, CRESPAR). Read it online.

Dual Language Program Planner: A Guide for Designing and Implementing Dual Language Programs, by Elizabeth R. Howard, Natalie Olague & David Rogers (2003, CREDE). Buy it from the CAL Store.

Impact of Two-Way Bilingual Elementary Programs on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College, by Kathryn Lindholm-Leary & Graciela Borsato (2001, CREDE RR 10). Read it online or buy it from the CAL Store.

Implementing Two-Way Immersion Programs in Secondary Schools, by Christopher Montone & Michael Loeb (2000, CREDE EPR 5). Read it online or buy it from the CAL Store.

Becoming Bilingual in the Amigos Two-Way Immersion Program, by Mary Cazabon, Elena Nicoladis, & Wallace E. Lambert (1998, NCRCDSLL RR 3). Read it online.

Two-Way Bilingual Education: Students Learning Through Two Languages, by Donna Christian (1994, NCRCDSLL EPR 12). Read it online.

Students' Views of the Amigos Program, by Wallace E. Lambert & Mary Cazabon (1994, NCRCDSLL RR 11). Read it online.

Two-Way Bilingual Education: A Progress Report on the Amigos Program, by Mary Cazabon, Wallace E. Lambert, & Geoff Hall (1993, NCRCDSLL RR 7). Read it online.


Briefs and Digests

Impact of Two-Way Immersion on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College, by Kathryn Lindholm-Leary & Graciela Borsato (2002, ERIC Digest EDO-FL-02-01).

Development and Maintenance of Two-Way Immersion Programs: Advice from Practitioners, by Julie Sugarman and Elizabeth R. Howard (2001, CREDE PB 2)

Two-Way Immersion Programs: Features and Statistics, by Elizabeth R. Howard and Julie Sugarman (2001, ERIC Digest EDO-FL-01-01)

In Their Own Words: Two-Way Immersion Teachers Talk About Their Professional Experiences, by Elizabeth R. Howard & Michael I. Loeb (1998, ERIC Digest EDO-FL-98-14)



Profile of Effective Two-Way Bilingual Teaching: Sixth Grade, produced by Jon Silver (NCRCDSLL VS 5).

Learning Together: Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Programs, produced by Jon Silver (NCRCDSLL VS 6).


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