Two-Way Immersion Projects

Technical Assistance and Program Evaluation
CAL offers technical assistance and program evaluation services to dual language programs in the planning or implementation stage. See our services page for more details.


Promoting the Development of Spanish Literacy Skills Among Bilingual Students By Enhancing their Vocabulary Knowledge
In partnership with Arlington Public Schools (APS), CAL worked with Spanish two-way immersion teachers to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of a Spanish vocabulary enrichment program to be implemented in the district’s TWI programs in Grades K-5. The project emerged from the need to improve the Spanish literacy skills of two-way immersion students found in the APS evaluation study.


New York City Guiding Principles Project
CAL worked with school-based teams of teachers and administrators in the New York City Public Schools to use the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education to reflect on current practices and to improve in targeted areas.


Spelling as an Indicator of English Literacy Development
As part of the DeLSS research project Acquiring Literacy in English, investigators conducted a longitudinal study of the development of English spelling skills in Spanish-English bilingual children, including those in two-way immersion programs, as they progressed from Grade 2 to Grade 5.


Two-Way Immersion Education
This 7-year CREDE study of two-way immersion education investigated the language development and academic achievement of students, the professional development of teachers, and the ongoing growth of programs. Read the final report online.


Cleveland Municipal School District Technical Assistance
CAL provided technical assistance over a 4-year period to Buhrer Elementary, the first two-way immersion program in Ohio. CAL offered guidance regarding program design and implementation, provided professional development, and conducted the program evaluation.