Frequently Asked Questions about TWI

General Questions

What is two-way immersion (TWI)?
What is the difference between two-way immersion and dual language?
How can I locate a specific TWI program?
Are there different kinds of TWI programs?
I know of a program that calls itself two-way immersion or dual language, but it's not in your Directory. Why not?


Program Outcomes

How well do students perform in two-way immersion programs?
How do at-risk students do in TWI programs?
Is there any research on African-Americans in TWI programs?


Teachers and Professional Development

Where can I find (or recruit for) a teaching job in a TWI program?
What are the professional development needs of TWI teachers?
What institutions provide teacher training or professional development for TWI teachers?


Program Implementation

What resources are available to help my school design and implement a TWI program?
How do TWI programs manage enrollment?
What additional costs do TWI programs incur compared to mainstream programs?
How can my school apply for a grant to start or support our TWI program?
What are the duties of a TWI coordinator?
Are there any published materials available for use in TWI classrooms?
Is it better for a TWI program to operate as a whole school or as a strand within a school?
What steps can my school take to promote cohesion across the TWI strand and the general education strand?
What are some effective ways to involve parents as strategic partners in a TWI program?



What regional or national organizations provide advocacy, resources, or services for dual language programs?
What national or local conferences focus on Two-Way Immersion?
How do I obtain articles and materials listed on the TWI bibliography page?
How do I suggest an addition to this FAQ or to the TWI website?


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