Frequently Asked Questions about TWI

What steps can my school take to promote cohesion across the TWI strand and the general education strand?

Provide informational sessions about the TWI model to all staff and parents at the school during the planning and implementation phase to allow them to voice their concerns and/or to vote on whether to implement the model.

Ensure there are overarching academic goals, behavioral standards, and other cohesion-building elements such as a school mascot, slogan or song that apply to all students, staff, and parents in the school regardless of program affiliation.

Establish buddy classrooms by partnering each TWI classroom with a general education classroom and have the two classrooms work jointly on projects throughout the year and to socialize together.

Schedule joint planning time for TWI and general education teachers at each grade level.

Make sure that all school committees have representatives from both the TWI program and the general education program .

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