Frequently Asked Questions about TWI

Where can I find (or recruit for) a teaching job in a TWI program?

Use the Directory of Two-Way Immersion Programs to identify schools or districts where you might like to work and contact the school or district directly.

Attend the NABE and TESOL national conferences.

Use one of the many general web-based job bulletin boards (, or see the classified section of your local or on-line newspaper.

Use a general K–12 job bulletin board. For links, see the Riley Guide.

There are a few foreign language/Bilingual/ESL specific job sites:

Consult your local newspaper, as well as newspapers in areas with large concentrations of speakers of the minority language of the program (e.g., Miami, San Juan, or Los Angeles for Spanish).

Create or participate in a partnership that provides student teachers from local colleges and universities that offer coursework in bilingual teaching.

If you are a non-U.S. citizen, check with your country's Embassy in the U.S. to see if it has a teacher placement program.


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