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Two-Way Immersion Bulletin #5: Bilingualism for all and NABE 2001 (2/5/2001)

New Publication from CAL:

Bilingualism for All: Two-Way Immersion Education in the United States

Donna Christian, Elizabeth Howard, and Michael Loeb

This article, written by CAL researchers, appeared in the special Autumn 2000 issue (Vol. 39, No. 3) of the journal Theory Into Practice. The focus of this special issue is "Children and Languages at School"


Upcoming Presentation:

February 20-24, 2001
NABE 2001: Giving the Children the World
Phoenix, Arizona

Two-Way Immersion 101 and 102: Designing and Implementing Elementary and Secondary TWI Programs
Wednesday, February 21st. 12:30-4:30 pm
Presenters: Elizabeth Howard, Julie Sugarman (CAL), Conchita Medina (Alicia Chacón International School, El Paso, TX), Marla Pérez-Selles and Sally Orme (Amigos, Cambridge, MA)


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