Marguerite Lukes 2

Marguerite Lukes

Director of Research and Innovation, Internationals Network

Dr. Marguerite Lukes works at the intersection of research, policy, and practice in the field of immigration. For more than 25 years, she has focused on improving public schools and community-based programs serving migrant and refugee children, youth, and adults. She is the Director of Research at Internationals Network for Public Schools, the only US-based national network of public schools designing innovative educational programs for immigrant youth. Marguerite has been a classroom teacher, program director, curriculum developer, evaluator, university faculty member, and researcher. Marguerite has taught at the community college and university level in public and private institutions (University of California, City University of New York, University of Bremen, New York University). She is a board member of Centro de Recursos Educativos para Adultos (CREA) in East Harlem, and she works directly with NGOs to promote educational equity for migrants and refugees.

Her applied research focuses on the educational pathways of migrant youth and the intersections of race, language, and migration. She served on the advisory board of an internationals research project led by the University of Bremen in partnership with the German National Teachers’ Union and the German Ministry of Education to explore policy innovations on transnational student mobility. She regularly leads courses for German pre-service teachers at the University of Bremen. Marguerite is also a member of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), the American Educational Research Association, and the Brandeis Language, Culture and Justice Hub, and she regularly submits editorial reviews for Bilingual Research Journal and Urban Education. Her scholarship and research on second language learning, literacy, and the education of immigrant populations have appeared in the International Multilingual Research JournalTESOL QuarterlyJournal of Latinos and EducationUrban EducationTeachers College Record, and Rethinking Schools. She speaks Spanish, German, Italian, and English.