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The Center for Applied Linguistics provides a wide range of publications and products related to the teaching and learning of languages, linguistics, policy, assessment, and more.

In this section, CAL provides a complete list of our publications (both for sale and free downloadable PDFs) as well as our products for sale, such as assessments and our resources used in delivery of professional development services.

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Facilitated Interdependent Language Learning (FILL): Resources from the Field
Right from the Start: Enriching Learning Experiences for Multilingual Learners through Multiliteracies
Student Voices: High Schoolers’ Insights into World Language Learning
Welcoming Bilingual Learners with Disabilities into Dual Language Programs
What is Plain Language?
How Can Multilingual Learners and Their Teachers Make a Difference in Classroom Assessment?
Translanguaging: Theory, Concept, Practice, Stance… or All of the Above?
A History of Applied Linguistics: From 1980s to the Present
America’s Languages: Investing in Language Education for the 21st Century
An Insider’s Guide to SIOP Coaching
Assessment for Language Instructors: The Basics – Online Course
BEST Literacy Test Manual
Building Educational Communities of Inclusion in PreK-12 Settings – A CAL Webinar
Building the Foreign Language Capacity We Need: Toward a Comprehensive Strategy for a National Language Framework
Internet Disparity Challenges: Schooling For All
CAL English Proficiency Tests
CAL Series on Language Education
Consumer Protection Websites – Free Online Resources
Effective, Engaging, and Sustained Professional Development for Educators of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students – A CAL Commentary
Demonstrating Comprehensible Input: Mandarin Chinese Lesson Video Clips
Developing Academic Literacy and Language in the Content Areas
Dialects at School: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Culture, Language and Learning in the Age of the Diversity Explosion – A CAL Commentary
Using a Process-based Approach to Evaluate the Peace Corps TEFL Certificate Program – A CAL Commentary
Diversifying the Teacher Pipeline: Precollegiate Recruitment – A CAL Commentary
English Language Teaching as a Second Career
Ask a Test Developer – A CAL Commentary
Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education – Third Edition
Handbook of Heritage, Community, and Native American Languages in the United States: Research, Policy, and Educational Practice
Helping English Learners Succeed: An Overview of the SIOP Model (Video)
Helping Newcomer Students Succeed in Secondary Schools and Beyond
Heritage Language Education: A New Field Emerging
Ensuring Fairness in Language Proficiency Assessments: Q&A – A CAL Commentary
Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches
Indigenous Youth and Multilingualism: Language Identity, Idealogy, and Practice in Dynamic Cultural Worlds
The March for our Lives: Bringing Power and Authenticity to the Language and Literacy Standards – A CAL Commentary
Language and the Fulfillment of the Potential of All Americans
Language Policies in Education: Critical Issues
Language Policy, Politics, and Diversity in Education – Review of Research in Education Volume 38
Language, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Vulnerable Populations
Learning the SIOP Model
Listening and Speaking: Oral Language and Vocabulary Development for English Language Learners
Math and Science: Skills and Strategies to Adapt Instruction for English Language Learners
Multilingual Learners and Academic Literacies
National Research Summit on the Early Care and Education of Dual Language Learners
Profiles of Dual Language Education in the 21st Century
Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures
Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide
Review of Research in Education 2014: Language Policy, Politics, and Diversity in Education
Seven Principles of Effective Instruction for English Learners
SIOP in Action: Instructional Videos Featuring Complete SIOP Lessons at Three Grade Levels
Spotlight on the Chinese Education Center Elementary School: A Newcomer Program in San Francisco
STARTALK Assessment for Language Instructors: The Basics
The SIOP Model: Sheltered Instruction for Academic Achievement (Video)
Talking Black in America
Teaching and Assessing EIL in Local Contexts Around the World
Teaching and Learning English Grammar: Research Findings and Future Directions
The National K-12 Foreign Language Enrollment Survey Report: The State of Language in the United States
Interrogating the “Language Gap” – A CAL Commentary
Dual Language Education: Answers to Questions From the Field
Using Sheltered Instructions to Support English Learners
Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, 2nd Edition
What Teachers Need to Know About Language – Second Edition
Implementing the Common Core for English Learners
Adult English Proficiency Assessments
Bilingualism in Schools and Society