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CAL Series on Language Education

Series editors: Joel Gómez,Terrence G. Wiley, M. Beatriz Arias and Joy K. Peyton, Center for Applied Linguistics and Multilingual Matters

Current and aspiring education professionals need accessible, high-quality, research-based resources on language learning, instruction, and assessment. This series provides such resources, serving to inform teachers’ classroom practice, enhance teacher education, and build the background knowledge of undergraduate and graduate students in applied linguistics and other language-related fields.

The books in this series explore a broad range of issues in applied linguistics and language education and are written in a style that is accessible to a broad audience, including those who are new to the field. Each book addresses a topic of relevance to those who are studying or working in the fields of language learning, language instruction, and language assessment, whether in English as a second language or other world languages. Topic areas include approaches to language instruction and assessment; approaches to content instruction and assessment for language learners; professional development for educators working with language learners; principles of second language acquisition for educators; and connections between language policy and educational practice.

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