To request permission to use CAL materials or resources, please submit your request in writing by sending an email to or by mail to the Center for Applied Linguistics, Attn: Permissions, 4646 40th Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20016.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing of your request. Please verify that you have provided us with the following necessary information:

Requests Related to Print Materials

  • Title, author, and date of CAL material you wish to use, including exact page numbers, table or figure numbers, and so forth as relevant, Intended use of CAL material (e.g., in a forthcoming book or article, course packet, workshop).
  • For use in a publication, include the title, author, publisher, anticipated publication date,  number of copies to be produced; and anticipated sales price of the product in which CAL’s material will appear.

Requests Related to Videos

  • If you propose to stream our video content online for classroom or professional development purposes, please describe the specific content you wish to use, the intended audience, an estimate of how many people will view the content, and the dates during which you expect the material to be available to your audience. Include information on how access to the video content will be protected.
  • If you propose to include our video content in a new product for sale, please provide the title, publisher, intended use, format(s), anticipated sales price, and distribution estimates of your video.
  • If you own a CAL video on VHS and wish to reproduce it on DVD, please provide the title of the video you wish to convert to DVD. We recommend that you first visit the CAL Store to see whether the video in question is available from CAL in DVD format. If it is, you will need to order the DVD from CAL. If it is not, we will process your request to convert your VHS video to DVD.

Requests Related to Materials on Our Website

  • If you want to use material from our website in a print publication, please provide the information requested above under “Requests Related to Print Materials.” You should include the URL and describe the specific material you wish to use.
  • If you want to link to material on our website from your website, please provide the URL(s) of the pages to which you wish to link. You should also provide the URL for your website and an indication of where on your site you propose to include the link.
  • As a general rule, we do not grant permission for material from our website to be reproduced on any other website.

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