CAL Commentary

CAL has created the CAL Commentary series to provide a channel for our staff and associates to voice their perspective on key topics and current issues related to language and culture. 

Title Authors Date
Turning Toward Asset-Based Pedagogies M. Beatriz Arias Ph.D. September 2022
Translanguaging: Theory, Concept, Practice, Stance… or All of the Above? Marybelle Marrero-Colón September 2021
Internet Disparity Challenges: Schooling For All M. Beatriz Arias Ph.D. May 2020
Effective, Engaging, and Sustained Professional Development for Educators of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students – A CAL Commentary Annie Laurie Duguay, Tatyana Vdovina September 2019
Culture, Language and Learning in the Age of the Diversity Explosion – A CAL Commentary M. Beatriz Arias, PhD August 2019
Using a Process-based Approach to Evaluate the Peace Corps TEFL Certificate Program – A CAL Commentary Jing Wei, PhD November 2018
Diversifying the Teacher Pipeline: Precollegiate Recruitment – A CAL Commentary M. Beatriz Arias, PhD October 2018
Ask a Test Developer – A CAL Commentary Mina Niu, Kristine Nugent September 2018
Ensuring Fairness in Language Proficiency Assessments: Q&A – A CAL Commentary Caitlin Gdowski, Keira Ballantyne, PhD July 2018
The March for our Lives: Bringing Power and Authenticity to the Language and Literacy Standards – A CAL Commentary Annie Laurie Duguay June 2018
Interrogating the “Language Gap” – A CAL Commentary M. Beatriz Arias, PhD March 2018
Dual Language Education: Answers to Questions From the Field Barbara Kennedy & Jose Medina, Center for Applied Linguistics September 2017
Using Sheltered Instructions to Support English Learners Amy Markos (Arizona State University) Jennifer Himmel (Center for Applied Linguistics) March 2016
Implementing the Common Core for English Learners Annie Duguay, Lindsey Massoud, Lisa Tabaku, Jennifer Himmel, and Julie Sugarman September 2013