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Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction, 2nd Edition

Deborah J. Short, Jennifer Himmel, Sandra Gutiérrez, Justine Hudec
Published by Center for Applied Linguistics

he new and enhanced professional development manual is designed to assist teacher educators, staff developers, and leaders at the school, district, and state levels as they prepare teachers of English language learners to use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model or its adapted version, the Two-Way SIOP Model. By incorporating these instructional models in their classroom, teachers can improve the language proficiency and grade-level content knowledge of their linguistically and culturally diverse students.

The manual presents chapters that provide necessary background information on SIOP Model components, show how to develop a comprehensive sheltered instruction professional development plan, and outline/describe a series of workshops that include strategies, activities, and tools to help teachers understand and implement all the features of the SIOP instructional model. As teachers participate in the workshop sessions detailed in this manual, they will learn how to create language and content objectives, plan for meaningful activities, teach and emphasize key vocabulary, employ techniques that make information comprehensible, incorporate activities that encourage peer to peer interaction to foster academic language development, and provide a comprehensive of review of key concepts and vocabulary at the end of each lesson. Each of the workshop sessions includes content and language objectives, suggested workshop activities (including instructions and a list of materials needed) copies of participant handouts and PowerPoint slides, and suggested assignments for participants to complete between workshop sessions.

Based on ongoing research and CAL’s experience in providing professional development services, this updated manual includes features not available in our previous offerings, including a chapter that provides essential background information on each component for SIOP facilitators, a chapter that explores the characteristics of quality sheltered instruction professional development for teachers, updated information on ongoing SIOP Model research, new workshop session activities and SIOP Model lessons, activities designed for use in Two-Way SIOP professional development, and information and professional development activities on how to move teachers to higher levels of SIOP Model implementation once they are introduced to the model.

The manual also describes a variety of approaches to ongoing SIOP professional development and focuses on the development of effective SIOP lesson plans. This edition of the manual also includes a CD that provides all of the PowerPoint slides and handouts used in the professional development sessions. 2011