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Research Methods in Language Policy and Planning: A Practical Guide

Edited by Francis M. Hult, David Cassels Johnson
Published by Wiley-Blackwell

This is the first volume exclusively devoted to research methods in language policy and planning (LPP). Each chapter is written by a leading language policy expert and provides a how-to-guide to planning studies as well as gathering and analyzing data. CAL contributors include CAL Terrence G. Wiley, PhD and Sarah Catherine K. Moore, PhD and CAL board member, Joseph Lo Bianco, PhD.

The publication covers a broad range of methods, making it easily accessible to and useful for researchers working with language policy in any capacity. The volume can serve as both a foundational methods text for graduate students and novice researchers, and a useful methodological reference for experienced LPP researchers. It includes a series of guidelines for public engagement to assist scholars as they endeavor to incorporate their work into the public policy process.