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BEST Literacy Test Manual

Published by Center for Applied Linguistics

The BEST Literacy Test Manual provides test administrators, test scorers, program administrators and other interested individuals with comprehensive information about administering and scoring the three forms (B, C, and D) of BEST Literacy. In addition the revised 2008 manual contains updated National Reporting System (NRS) and Student Performance Level (SPL) scale score ranges, additional background and technical information, and refinements to procedures for scoring the note writing section. The Test Manual:

  • Explains how to select and prepare test administrators and test scorers.
  • Defines the procedures to be followed when administering and scoring BEST Literacy.
  • Provides detailed testing instructions and scoring information and instructions, including the BEST Literacy Scoring Rubric and scored sample writings.
  • Explains how to interpret test results.
  • Provides technical information about the assessment, such as details of the development of test specifications as well as details about the reliability and validity studies conducted. More information is also available in the BEST Literacy Technical Report.

CAL recommends that program administrators use the BEST Literacy Test Manual to determine if BEST Literacy is the appropriate assessment to be used with the English language learners in their program, how BEST Literacy should be implemented at their programs, and to closely follow test administration and scoring procedures. 2008