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Learning the SIOP Model

Jennifer Himmel and Julie Mazrum
Published by Center for Applied Linguistics

Learning the SIOP Model is a practical, hands-on tool for educators to learn more about the SIOP Model and how to use it with greater effectiveness. It can be used by those who are new to the SIOP Model and by those who are already familiar with it and are seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their implementation.  

Learning the SIOP Model has two components: a DVD with authentic classroom video and a companion viewers guide with information for viewing the video and hands-on resources for use in professional development and in the classroom.

The Learning the SIOP Model DVD is organized into 10 video chapters with classroom vignettes that demonstrate features of the SIOP Model that can be challenging to master without more extensive professional development. Viewers will see examples of a range of SIOP features in action, including creating content and language objectives, adapting content for different language proficiency levels, emphasizing key vocabulary, using scaffolding techniques consistently, providing activities that integrate all language skills and that allow students to apply content and language knowledge in the classroom, and more.

The Learning the SIOP Model Viewers Guide is an essential companion to the video. It describes the video and how it can be used and includes hands-on resources, such as graphic organizers and lesson plans, to be used in SIOP Model professional development. The viewers guide provides a brief overview of each video chapter and the SIOP features shown, with observation tips and questions to guide the viewing of each video chapter.

Learning the SIOP Model can be used for a variety of purposes and audiences. It can be used in professional development sessions designed to help teachers learn how to implement the model or to provide additional support to teachers who have been exposed to the model but could benefit from examples of how to implement some of the features in different instructional contexts. This resource is also appropriate for individual teachers wanting to develop and deepen their own understanding of what effective SIOP Model implementation looks like in the classroom.

The video clips on this DVD can also be aligned with activities in Using the SIOP Model: Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction and in professional development sessions to augment video clips from another SIOP DVD, The SIOP Model: Sheltered Instruction for Academic Achievement.