Free Online Training Course for EAP Instructors: English for Academic Purposes using the TOEFL®Teaching Framework

In 2024, the Center for Applied Linguistics is offering a FREE four-week online training course for instructors who are teaching EAP courses in universities in China. This course, funded by a grant from Educational Testing Service (ETS) under the TOEFL Committee of Examiners Research Program, will provide you with useful tools and guidance informed by the TOEFL® Teaching Framework to plan your English language lessons and courses.

Completing this course will help you improve teaching and assessment practices as well as develop a better understanding of implementing the TOEFL® Teaching Framework in your program.

What will I do?

You will participate in an online training program that consists of a training course as well as the
following pre- and post-training activities, all conducted virtually, to enhance your learning experience:

  • Pre-training activities:
    • August 2023: Background survey (10 minutes)
    • October 2023: Video interview (45 minutes)
  • Online training course:
    • February – March 2024: real-time learning session with instructors and other course
      participants (1 hour/week) and self-paced course work (3 hours/week)
  • Post-training activities:
    • May 2024: Reflection survey and submission of lesson sample (20 minutes)
    • July 2024: Video interview for select participants (30 minutes)
What will I get?

By completing this training program, you will receive:

  • Free and comprehensive professional training on effective design of EAP course curriculum and
  • A deep understanding of the guidelines provided in the TOEFL® Teaching Framework.
  • Targeted coaching and support from expert course instructors.
  • Connection with other EAP instructors across China to build your professional network.
  • A digital badge and a certificate of completion as confirmation of professional development.
  • Extended access to the training course and related materials.
Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for anyone who is currently teaching an EAP course as part of an EAP program OR as part of a general English language program at a university in China.

You must be available to complete ALL pre- and post-training activities to participate in this training course.

How can I apply?

Thank you for your interest in the course. Applications are now closed. Watch this site for future updates about our research based on the results of online course.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jenna Bushton at

*Disclaimer: This research was funded by Educational Testing Services (ETS) under a Committee of Examiners and the Test of English as a Foreign Language research grant. ETS does not discount or endorse the methodology, results, implications, or opinions presented by the researcher(s).*