CAL Board Member, Dr. Nero, Reflects on Language Education Policy in the Caribbean

Shondel Nero, Ed.D., Professor of Language Education at New York University was invited to speak at the 7th Cassidy-Le Page Distinguished Lecture series hosted by the University of the West Indies.

She presented “Slicing the Onion: Reflections and Projections on Language Education Policy in the Caribbean” on on October 29, 2021. 

The rich linguistic landscape in the Caribbean combined with its colonial history make it a fertile space for navigating the tensions of language policy development, especially with regard to education. This talk takes a critical look at the historical and current framing and development of the multilayered “onion” that is language education policy in the Caribbean – the goals, actors, processes, and implementation. I share findings from my work on Caribbean students in New York City schools, and from my Fulbright research examining the Jamaican Language Education Policy implementation in schools. I also look ahead to a re-imagining of language education policy for the 21st century Caribbean.

Watch the recording.

Posted On November 5, 2021
Posted On November 5, 2021