Center for Applied Linguistics Research to Policy Webinar Series 2024 Call for Proposals


We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis!

The Center for Applied Linguistics is embarking on the fourth year of the Research to Policy webinar series, and we are seeking proposals for speakers and topics. This series of short, 30-minute conversational webinars aims to communicate key elements of language education research so that decision-makers can craft policy informed by research findings. We are seeking speakers whose original research is of relevance to the theme of our series for 2024, Technologically Mediated Learning in Multilingual Contexts. Throughout the year, we will explore the impact of technological innovation on learning in multilingual settings, with a particular focus on AI. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following questions:


  • Who does (or does not) have access to technologies for language learning or use?
  • What policies are necessary to ensure that technological tools are integrated into the education of multilingual learners?
  • How can we ensure that technological tools address linguistic diversity? In particular, how can we ensure that new technologies are inclusive of Indigenous and endangered languages?
  • How has technology evolved to support specific populations, for example, multilingual students with disabilities, multilingual gifted students, SLIFE students, and other populations?


  • Who is (or is not) represented in the body of research around new technologies? How do we guard against new technologies replicating existing biases?
  • What does culturally responsive technology design look like?


  • How is technology helping to transform language learning and use?
  • What impact does technology have on teacher/learner roles, the learning dynamic, or the learning environment?
  • What are key considerations regarding the use of technology for translation?


  • What policies increase the benefits and minimize potential harms of different technological systems?
  • What are the ethical considerations when using AI in language assessments? In the creation of classroom materials for language education?

Additional Information

  • We welcome applications from teams of researchers and policymakers or other educational decision-makers.
  • Speakers are provided with an honorarium of $250.

How to Apply

To be considered as a speaker, please provide a short statement of up to 300 words (references are not included in the word count limit) that includes:

  • A clear topic relevant to the theme
  • Evidence that you have conducted original research around the topic (as demonstrated by publications or a similar research record)
  • A summary of research findings and the relevant policy recommendations that emerge from those findings. (Note: you may include your own findings and those of others in this summary.)

Please submit your statement to with “R2P 2024” in the subject line. We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Posted On December 18, 2023
Posted On December 18, 2023