Digital Equity in Education

Plain Language in Practice: A Pathway for Language Justice

Plain Language in Practice: A Pathway for Language Justice

November 2, 2021, 4:00 – 4:30 PM ET



Unclear, overly complex, or specialized language use can impede communication in a variety of societal contexts, and it can be intimidating and unwelcoming. Within the public school system specifically, difficult language can prevent parents and caregivers from understanding services they are entitled to and regulations affecting them or their children. Communication should be clear and accessible, intelligible, relevant, and usable without requiring specialized knowledge or training.

***In this sense, plain language is a civil right.***

During this live 30-minute webinar hosted by the Center for Applied Linguistics, Dr. Katherine Moran and Anthony Tassi discuss questions like, what does plain language look like as a practice? How do you incorporate this practice into an existing system they discuss plain language and its implementation?

Date: November 5 2021