Massachusetts Heritage Languages Framework Study

To further support students in advancing linguistic and cultural proficiency in their home language(s), the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) contracted CAL to conduct research on existing heritage language (HL) programs, practices, and curriculum frameworks in Massachusetts and other states.

There are three major activities for this project:

  1. A literature review to examine the landscape of HL programming in the U.S. and understand what program models, elements, and practices are associated with positive student outcomes
  2. A comparative analysis to examine HL frameworks and standards in other states and nationally recognized organizations
  3. A series of virtual focus groups and a statewide survey to understand Massachusetts HL educators’ attitudes and practices regarding HL instruction

This research culminated in a report summarizing the findings from each activity with additional synthesis, discussion, and recommendations for meeting the needs of heritage language learners (HLLs) in Massachusetts and the educators who serve them. Read the full report here and the summary here to learn more.

About the Project

Funder: Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
August 2022 – March 2023