Multimedia Rater Training Program for Modern Standard Arabic (MRTP-MSA)

The goal of this project is to enable the participating Arabic language teaching programs, and ultimately secondary and postsecondary Arabic language programs throughout the country, to support student language learning more effectively by increasing testing capability and understanding of standards-based assessment. The project will yield two products: An interactive CD-ROM program, supplemented by print materials, that will provide hands-on training in oral proficiency assessment based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines—Speaking, and an online tutorial for Arabic instructors and students to introduce and explain oral proficiency concepts of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines—Speaking through examples of student speech.

About the Project

Funder: U.S. Department of Education, International Research and Studies Program, in partnership with Michigan State University; Fordson High School, Deerborn, MI; Charlestown High School, MA; and the National Capital Language Resource Center, Washington, DC
September 2009 – August 2012