Parent Engagement Adult ESL Curriculum Project

CAL is creating an ESL curriculum for adults based on the Padres Comprometidos (PC) program developed by the National Council of La Raza. Padres Comprometidos is a parent engagement program delivered in both Spanish and English that enables Latino parents to build strong connections with their children’s schools. By informing parents and family members about the U.S. educational system and making connections with their existing skills, expertise, and cultural norms, Padres Comprometidos gives them the tools they need to engage with school systems successfully and contribute to their children’s education. 

The PC ESL curriculum uses Padres Comprometidos content to develop English language skills. It provides three to five two-hour class sessions for each of the eight modules in the PC program:

  1. Welcome to Padres Comprometidos
  2. First Steps in Becoming a Committed Parent
  3. Open Dialogue with the School Principal
  4. Supporting Children’s Education at Home and School (Part I)
  5. Supporting Children’s Education at Home and School (Part II)
  6. Visit from the School Counselor
  7. Creating a Positive Environment at Home
  8. Program Graduation

Each lesson consists of a series of activities that enable learners to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills as they gain knowledge about the U.S. educational system and confidence in their ability to understand education topics and participate effectively in school-related interactions. The curriculum also models lifelong learning through goal setting and self-evaluation.

The PC ESL curriculum provides specific and structured instructions that can guide novice, volunteer, and part-time teachers, and serve as time-saving tips for veteran educators. Because of the potential variety in the educational backgrounds and current English language proficiency of the learners, the lessons also provide guidance for teachers on modifying certain activities to meet the needs of learners at different levels. 

The curriculum is designed to enable adult English learners at the high beginning / low intermediate levels to demonstrate measurable increases in their oral communication and reading levels after 16 weeks (64 hours) of instruction. 

About the Project

Funder: National Council of La Raza
October 2014 – February 2015