Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Curriculum

CAL developed curriculum modules on pedestrian and bicycle safety for use in programs for adult English language learners. The materials are intended to help teachers and volunteers convey key messages about safety to new immigrants learning English and to encourage the adults to pass the safety messages to their children and other family members.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) called for development of the materials due to data indicating that immigrants are at high risk of being involved in pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the United States. The modules include a teacher manual, student book, and audio clips and emphasize the

development of listening and speaking skills through interaction with basic traffic safety messages. View the modules for adults with intermediate levels of English language proficiency. A second set of materials, Walk and Bike Safely, is designed for use with adults with beginning English proficiency and will be available on the NHTSA web site soon.

About the Project

Funder: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, via subcontract from ASPIRA Association, Inc.
October 2008 – September 2010