STARTALK Performance Assessment Training Program

Applications for the 2024 STARTALK Performance Assessment Training Program are now closed. Please contact if you have any questions.

Do you want to assess your students effectively? Do you need help creating language assessment tasks, rubrics, and feedback plans? Join us for our upcoming STARTALK teacher training program!

Check out the FAQs below to learn more about this free professional development opportunity.

What is the program and how will it help me?

The STARTALK Performance Assessment Training Program is a hybrid teacher training program that will help you gain the technical knowledge and practical skills needed to develop and use performance-based assessments in your own language classroom or program.

Through virtual learning opportunities and one in-person meeting in Washington, DC, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of performance assessment; develop performance assessment tasks, rubrics/checklists, and feedback plans; and learn how to create standards- and curriculum-based assessment plans aligned with your program’s performance objectives.

What are the program dates, and what will I do during the program?

The program comprises 30 hours of pre-program online learning with synchronous components; a summer program with 60 hours of instruction including online learning with synchronous components and 20 in-person hours; and 30 hours of post-program activities including online coaching and other synchronous components.

The following schedule provides details about when each part of the program will take place:

Pre-program activities

  • Launch meeting (1 hour)
    • March 4-8 (Day/time TBD)
  • Online course Part I (1 week/6 hours)
    • March 11-15
  • Webinar (3 hours)
    • March 18-22 (Day/time TBD)
  • Online course Part II (1 week/6 hours)
    • March 25-29
  • Webinar (2 hours)
    • April 1-5 (Day/time TBD)
  • Coaching and independent work (12 hours)
    • April 8-26

Summer program

  • Launch meeting (1 hour)
    • June 3-7 (Day/time TBD)
  • Online course Part I (2 weeks/12 hours)
    • June 10-21
  • In-person meeting (3 days/20 hours)
    • June 28-30
  • Online course Part II (2 weeks/12 hours)
    • July 1-12
  • Webinar (4 hours)
    • July 15-19 (Day/time TBD)
  • Online course Part III (1 week/6 hours)
    • July 22-26
  • Independent work (5 hours)
    • July 29-August 2

Post-program activities

  • Launch meeting (1 hour)
    • October 7-11 (Day/time TBD)
  • Coaching and independent work (20 hours)
    • October 14-November 15
  • Webinar (3 hours)
    • November 18-22 (Day/time TBD)
  • Online course (1 week/5 hours)
    • December 2-6
  • Closing meeting (1 hour)
    • December 9-13 (Day/time TBD)

How much does the program cost?

The program and related materials are free for accepted applicants, and travel stipends will be provided to help cover airfare, meals, and hotel expenses for the in-person meeting in Washington, DC.

Who will be leading the program?

The program will be led by CAL staff members with expertise in assessment.

Who can apply?

Applicants that meet the following criteria are welcome to apply:

  • K-16 language teacher of Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, or Russian
  • Actively works in the United States
  • Expect to be available for all program activities

What is my commitment as a participant?

As a participant we ask that you commit to completing all online quizzes and assignments, working collaboratively with other participants and instructors through discussion board activities and coaching sessions, and taking part in all synchronous webinars and meetings, as well as the in-person meeting in Washington, DC.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes! All participants that complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

Still have questions about the program? Contact Jenna Bushton at

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