Survey of Applied Linguistics Programs

The goal of this project, sponsored by the Center for Applied Linguistics, was to investigate the current state of applied linguistics graduate programs in the United States. The results of the survey are presented as a series of searchable PDFs designed to provide information on current applied linguistics programs and may provide a basis for discussion about not only the current state of applied linguistics but also where the field should concentrate its effort in the next half century.

Listings of United States-based Graduate Programs in Applied Linguistics
Listings developed from the survey were compiled to serve as a resource for prospective and current students of applied linguistics, faculty, and researchers are presented as a

series of searchable PDFs.

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Programs by state. 
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Programs by university name.

Research Methodology
Preliminary focus groups conducted with the project’s advisory board established four primary research questions to be addressed by the study:

  • How does the field define applied linguistics? What are applied linguistics programs called and where within institutions are they housed?
  • What are the core areas of knowledge required to be an applied linguist? What are the courses required and offered within applied linguistics programs?
  • Where do applied linguistics students expect to go at the end of their programs? How prepared do graduates feel to enter the field? What kind of data exists on where graduates go after completing their programs?
  • What are the future directions of the field?

The CAL team is taking two approaches to addressing these research questions.

  • An online analysis of available information about applied linguistics programs was pooled to develop a holistic view on the requirements and offerings of such programs.
  • Online surveys that were developed and distributed to faculty and students of applied linguistics.

Advisory Committee
CAL is pleased to acknowledge the members of the Advisory Committee for this project: Carol Chapelle, Donna Christian, Andrew Cohen, Susan Gass, William Grabe, Joan Kelly Hall, Nancy Hornberger, Alison Mackey, Mary McGroarty, Jeff MacSwan, John Norris, Lourdes Ortega, Cristina Sanz, Richard Schmidt, G. Richard Tucker.

About the Project

Funder: Center for Applied Linguistics
May 2013 – December 2014