Digital Equity in Education

Assessment of English Learners in the New Digital Landscape: Research to Policy

Assessment of English Learners in the New Digital Landscape

March 30, 2021



Assessments play a critical role in the education and progress of the five million EL students enrolled across the country. However, statewide assessments are not the only window into students’ learning: summative assessments alone cannot account for all of the progress that ELs demonstrate. While cannot ignore the civil rights protections vis-à-vis national assessment requirements, which were originally created to ensure that students are afforded equal opportunity to learn, we also must acknowledge the trauma that this country’s students, teachers, and parents have been living through when in-person interaction and internet connectivity can be scarce or non-existent. In a time when our learners have spent the majority of the year at home, it’s important that we continue to be intentional with how we are assessing ELs.