Research Consultant Opportunity

The Center for Applied Linguistics is currently seeking qualitative and quantitative research consultants to support our work. We are primarily seeking researchers with experience and knowledge of PreK-12 education for multilingual learners in the United States.

For consideration, please fill out this form, and send a copy of your CV plus a short description of your research experience to with the subject line “Research Consultant Application”. Please note your expertise in both topical areas (e.g. early childhood, refugee students, instructional methods) as well as research methods (e.g. ethnographic, open-ended coding, survey research, focus group research, quantitative analysis).

NOTE: CAL’s recruitment of consultants will follow the same Equal Employment regulations as recruitment for staff and will not discriminate in selection based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, handicap, or any other reason not related to employment. In fact, CAL welcomes consultant partners who are certified women, minority, or veteran-owned businesses to align with our principles of effective professional development and to serve educators of linguistically and culturally diverse students. In accordance with USCIS regulations, all successful applicants will be required to show proof of their legal right to accept employment in the United States.