BEST Literacy Test Administrators

BEST Literacy tests reading and writing skills in authentic situations specifically geared for adult English language learners in the United States. BEST Literacy can be administered individually or to groups of examinees in one hour. It is available in three parallel forms (B,C, and D) for pre- and post-testing.

The BEST Literacy Test Manual (June 2008) is designed to provide test administrators with all the information they need to give and score the test, including a rubric with clear benchmarks for scoring the note-writing tasks.

Important Reminders:

  • BEST Literacy can be administered as a pre-test and post-test, provided that different forms of the test are used.
  • The examinee test booklet is designed to be written on by the examinee. Photocopying of the test booklet, for any reason, is prohibited.
  • Test administrators are responsible for ensuring test security.
  • Training is not required by CAL, however, your state or funding agency may require its own training. Please check with your state director of adult education or funding agency.
  • Test questions should not be duplicated or discussed.
  • Coaching, or any other form of assistance, is prohibited.
  • All test materials should be kept in a secure location.
  • Raw scores must be converted to a scale score, using the conversion tables located in the BEST Literacy Test Manual. Only scale scores are the true representation of an examinee’s proficiency level.
  • Periodic scoring calibration, particularly for the note writing tasks, is encouraged. The BEST Literacy Test Manual provides directions on conducting a scorer recalibration activity.