BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrators

BEST Plus 2.0 test administrators play a crucial role in ensuring that examinees give their optimum performance. Fostering a positive attitude, creating a conducive testing environment, and referencing the BEST Plus 2.0 Scoring Rubric as the basis for scoring are important actions to ensure fairness to examinees.

All test administrators should review the BEST Plus 2.0 User Agreement signed after training.

Important Reminders:

  • Only trained test administrators may administer BEST Plus.
  • BEST Plus 2.0 computer test administrations can be purchased online at the CAL Store and activated using the Online Activation System.
  • Remember to activate computer test administrators at least one day in advance of testing to ensure their availability.
  • Follow procedures for administration and scoring as outlined in the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide.
  • The BEST Plus Scoring Rubric should be placed near the test administrator and referred to during each test administration.
  • Raw scores on the semi-adaptive print-based version of BEST Plus 2.0 must be converted to a scale score using the BEST Plus 2.0 Score Management Software available on the BEST Plus 2.0 Test USB.

Tips for recently trained BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrators:

  • Be sure to read and review all the materials in the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide (TAG) and the responsibilities contained in the BEST Plus 2.0 User Agreement.
    • Before beginning testing, complete 10-20 practice tests using practice software provided on the BEST Plus 2.0 Test USB. (Remember, for practice tests, the password is mexico and the Activation Code is 12345).
    • Discuss any scoring or administration questions with your program or email BEST Plus 2.0 User Support with any questions you may have.

Scoring recalibration:

  • Scoring recalibration is strongly encouraged through the use of the BEST Plus Scoring Refresher Toolkit. Contact your program administrator or email CAL for more information.