About NDLF

The mission of the National Dual Language Forum (NDLF) is to promote the benefits of dual language education and foster collaboration among key organizations and individuals dedicated to dual language bilingual education across the country.

The NDLF has two distinct activities: hosting of a dedicated website of information and resources and convening of experts to develop and present white papers at member conferences on important issues around dual language bilingual education.

  • The NDLF website serves as a portal to a wide array of resources designed to help educators understand the essential components of bilingual and dual language education and how to implement high-quality, effective programs. We are continuing to reach out to organizations to invite them to be members of the National Dual Language Forum and share links to their resources and information about upcoming events.
  • NDLF White Papers will focus on key topics around dual language bilingual education. Topics are selected and reviewed by the NDLF Advisory Committee, working with experts around the country and are presented at NDLF member conferences.

The NDLF Advisory Committee meets periodically to focus on national policy issues, how best to advocate for dual language education and its students, and how to conduct research and disseminate findings for a variety of stakeholders (including policy makers, researchers, legislators, educators (administrators and teachers), and parents.