Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD)

The Foreign Language Assessment Directory (FLAD) is a free, searchable database with information about world language assessments used in elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary school programs around the United States. 

This resource contains information about various assessments. It does not contain actual assessments or sample assessments. 

This information was provided by test developers or administrators. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CAL staff members and the quality of these tests has not been evaluated by CAL.

Understanding Assessment: A Guide for World Language Educators

Understanding Assessment: A Guide for World Language Educators is a tutorial on language testing for world language educators. It is designed to help new users of the FLAD, and it is also an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about language testing. 

This tutorial introduces key assessment concepts while guiding educators though the test selection process, and it covers a variety of topics, including how to use test results appropriately and efficiently.

Selecting Assessments for Heritage Language Program

CAL has developed a component of the Understanding Assessment tutorial on selecting assessments for heritage language programs. 

The Heritage Language Assessment Module is designed to help educators working in K-12 heritage language classes, community-based heritage language schools, and university-level heritage language courses. It includes an overview of the linguistic and cultural profiles of heritage language learners, the special considerations that must be made when working with this population, and the resulting implications for assessment.