Modifying Assessments

How can I adapt an assessment to better suit the needs of heritage language learners? 

If you find an assessment that seems appropriate, but would need some type of modification, you may be able to adapt it to fit the needs of your students. Note that some assessments cannot be modified without invalidating the results, and this approach is most appropriate for classroom-based assessments or formative tools rather than standardized assessments.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while adapting or modifying existing assessments:

  • Is the content relevant and authentic for the students?
  • Can the assessment accommodate or be differentiated for different skill levels?
  • Is the rubric or grading system appropriate for heritage language learners?
  • How do I make sure that my modifications are appropriate?
  • Will my modifications invalidate the assessment or compromise its original purpose?

Use this worksheet to think through some strategies for adapting or modifying an assessment to your learner context. 

Test Modification Worksheet_Heritage