Assessment Plans


Placing students into the right course is just the beginning of their language learning journey at the post-secondary level. Once they are in the right class, teachers and program administrators can design a system of assessments that support learning and provide both teachers and students with vital information about progress. Having an assessment plan for your program is a way to integrate both formative and summative assessments into a comprehensive approach.

In this section of the module, we will focus on assessment plans within individual language courses to support instructors in considering their own assessment plans and how these link to program-wide practices, including those involving placement testing and the use of other summative assessments.

What is an assessment plan?

An assessment plan documents WHAT assessments will be administered WHEN and HOW the assessments will be used throughout your course.

Your assessment plan should include formative as well as summative assessments. You may use many different types of assessment instruments; consider whether alternative assessments or offering students options for assessments will meet your needs.