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Online Resources

Understanding by Design

  • Teaching guide on using backward design from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

Proficiency-Oriented Language Instruction and Assessment

  • Curriculum handbook for teachers on the principles and practices of standard-based and proficiency-oriented language instruction and assessment, including sample tasks and units, from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

World Languages Framework through the Lens of Proficiency

  • Learning module on the importance and benefits of proficiency-based language teaching from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Virtual Assessment Center

  • Learning modules about language assessment, including creating performance assessments and developing rubrics, from the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements

  • Statements of what learners can do independently, organized according to the modes of communication including Intercultural Communication and aligned to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

Georgetown University Department of German Assessment Plan

  • Website with documents used in one language department’s revision of assessment policies and practices aligned with a shift to a task-based curriculum

Integrated Performance Assessment Series

  • Series of 7 episodes on performance assessments that can be accessed as podcasts or TED-ED lessons with videos, additional links, and questions for discussion, from the National Foreign Language Resource Center

Language Proficiency Flagship Initiative

  • List of publications from research funded by the National Security Education Program to examine how the introduction of proficiency assessments improves teaching and learning within university language programs