K-5 Community-Based School Sample Response

Based on this information, what heritage language learner characteristics should Mr. Ngo consider in this situation?

Because Mr. Ngo’s students are all heritage learners in a community-based program, he should consider: 

  • Familial ties to the language or culture and their impact on student motivation
  • Parental motivations and expectations
  • Different dialects or varieties of Vietnamese
  • Amount and type of exposure to the language or culture

What implications might this situation have for assessment?

  • Students representing a variety of ages, backgrounds, and proficiency levels are likely to enroll in an extracurricular program like this, so Mr. Ngo will need to make sure he is taking a wide range of abilities, motivations, and experiences into consideration. 
  • Because an elementary community-based language program can be a more informal setting than other types of instructional courses, Mr. Ngo can tailor his assessment plans according to his students, their families, and the community. He can also consult with parents about their learning objectives for the course. This will help him make informed decisions about what type of assessment would be the most appropriate and how assessment can support the instructional goals of different families. 

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