Scenario A – Sample Response

Imagine you were in Alejandra’s position. What would you do? How would you address the problem described in this situation?

  • In this situation, I would go back to my assessment plan and think about which aspects of the new tasks are not working well for my students. If students do not understand what is expected of them, I would work to improve the instructions provided for the tasks and share the rubrics that I am using to evaluate the tasks with my students in advance. I would also check to see if the tasks are aligned with my instruction, or if I need to make some adjustments to ensure that students have had appropriate opportunities to complete similar tasks in the target language during class time. Since I am required to use a textbook but would like to use proficiency-based approaches to assessment, I would make sure to build in time for students to apply what they have learned from the textbook in more hands-on, interactive ways that prepare them to perform well on these types of assessment tasks.

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